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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Myrna Mix

With Ralph Emerson?

By Hurrell

With Ian Keith

Many thanks to Michaele for donating images

Forgotten Faces

Evelyn Knapp

Glenda Farrell

Lois Wilson

Claire Dodd

Sidney Fox

Boots Mallory by Powolny

Nina Mae McKinney

Marguerite Churchill

Polly Moran by Hurrell

Thanks to Michaele for helping with the images.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kay Francis True Confessions Cover

Assorted Beauty

Mary Nolan

Anita Page

Madge Evans

Rita La Roy

Noel Francis

Marilynn Miller

Dorothy Jordan

Constance Bennett

Marion Davies

Joan Crawford

Jean Harlow

Janet Gaynor

Greta Nissen

Carole Lombard

Thanks to Michaele for helping
out with the images.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Assorted Magazine Covers

Film Fun - December 1928

Film Fun - May 1930 cover by Enoch Bolles
specially posed by Marian Nixon

Film Fun - August 1930 cover by Enoch Bolles
specially posed by Mary Brian

Film Fun - June 1932

Travel - December 1927

Travel - February 1928

Vogue - March 1932 back cover Jean Harlow

Film Fun - May 1930 back cover Bessie Love

The MIT Voo Doo - December 1929

The MIT Voo Doo - February 1931 cover by
Dick Baltzer and W. Rappo

Vogue - Oct 13, 1928 by
Eduardo Garcia Benito

Vogue - March 1, 1932 by
Georges Lapape

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RKO Lost and Found at The Film Forum Feb. 23 - March 1

The following description is taken from RKO Lost And Found at The Film Forum:
"In a world of film, tape, DVD, cable, video on demand, pay-per-view, streaming, etc. etc., you pretty much have access to whatever unknown classic you care to dig up. Or do you? Five of the six RKO Radio pictures in this series — all produced by the legendary Merian C. Cooper (King Kong progenitor, Cinerama pioneer, etc.) — have been unseen in any medium since 1959, and, one, A Man to Remember, not since its 1938 premiere. Now, after diligent legal work and a thorough search of the world's archives by Turner Classic Movies, these newly-unearthed 30s classics — four of them made in the Pre-Code era — can finally be seen again on theater screens, in new 35mm prints, yet."


Double Harness 1933
Rafter Romance 1933
One Man's Journey 1933
Living On Love 1937
A Man To Remember 1938
Stingaree 1934

All six films will air in April on TCM

Article on TCM's website:
Turner Classic Movies Plays Sleuth, Discovers Six Previously Lost RKO Classics

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When They Were Young

All photos (ca 1920-22) by James Abbe.

Ann Harding

Carole Lombard

Estelle Winwood

Helen Hayes

Ina Claire

Ruth Gordon

Clara Bow

Coleen Moore

Hedda Hopper

Ruth Chatterton

Mae West

Billie Burke

Marion Davies