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Sunday, June 25, 2006

They Had Faces #3

Myrna Loy, Greta Garbo, Marion Davies, all by C.S. Bull, Carole Lombard, Norma Shearer, Madge Evans, all by Hurrell.


Blogger Mariana said...

Carole Lombard is looking fabulous, reminding me of Michelle Pfeiffer.

I wish I could have seen Fox Movietone Follies of 1929. It would be neat if someone were to try to recreate it.

2:37 AM  
Blogger jtk said...

The shape of their face, cheekbones, and chins are very are similar, and both sometimes display a lot of forehead, Lombard more so than Pfeiffer.

I love talkies from 1929, especially the large, all star, singing, dancing, vaudeville, variety type. I hope that it might exist in a private collection somewhere, and make a surprise appearance someday.

12:23 PM  

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