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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Media History Digital Library Project


First found from a post at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival blog.

From David Pierce at Nitrateville, "I've been working on a project to digitize trade and fan magazines, and the first batch, from the collection of the Pacific Film Archive, is now on-line.

There are eight volumes (four years) of Photoplay, and one volume each of Motion Picture Classic (1920) and Moving Picture World (April-June 1913). Thanks to Nancy Goldman of the Pacific Film Archive for working with me on this group of materials.

As always with the Internet Archive, you can download high-quality PDFs, embed their viewer on your webpage, and download the original full-quality scans. (the July-December 1925 volume of Photoplay is still in work; I can send the PDF to anyone who can't wait)."

From Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy blog, "One dedicated film scholar and archivist is trying to change all that. David Pierce has initiated a privately-funded project called Media History Digital Library, which is described—

—as “A major conservation and access project for historical printed materials related to cinema, broadcasting and recorded sound.” Several major libraries and an individual described as “the owner of the largest private collection of such materials” are participating in the project.

The goal: widespread, free access to a world-class collection of periodicals."

The Media History Project contains more info.

The Internet Archive download page to browse and download available texts.

Embedded viewer courtesy of Internet Achive. Starts with the Photoplay July 1925 edition.

Celebrate CINEFEST 2010 - March 25-28

From the CINEFEST website

The following are among the films scheduled to be shown at Cinefest 30. All titles are subject to change.

The Valiant 1929 Paul Muni
Life's Harmony 1916 Frank Borzage
The Wild Girl 1917 Eva Tanguay
Tight Shoes 1941 Broderick Crawford
Little Church Around The Corner 1923 Claire Windsor
Conrad In Quest Of His Youth 1920 Thomas Meighan
The Sting Of Stings 1927 Charley Chase
The Miracle Of The Wolves 1924 Raymond Bernard
Life Returns 1935 Onslow Stevens
Information Please 1940 Clifton Fadiman
Hats Off 1936 Mae Clarke
The Doll House Mystery 1915 Sidney Franklin
Human Hearts 1922 House Peters
Pearl Of The Army Chapter 9 1916 Pearl White
A Tale Of Two Worlds 1921 Leatrice Joy
Peacock Alley 1922 Mae Murray
Freckles 1935 Virginia Weidler
Orchids And Ermine 1927 Colleen Moore
The Lost Patrol 1934 Victor McLaglen (Complete Version)
Girl Without A Soul 1917 Viola Dana
Are Parents People 1925 Betty Bronson
Winged Victory 1944 Edmond O'Brien
College Holiday 1936 Jack Benny
Justin Herman Shorts
Littlest Expert On My Favorite President 1951
Pardon Us Penguins 1952
Rhumba Seat 1950 Tom Ewell
Cheer Up 1936 Stanley Lupino
The Motion Picture Camera 1979 Karl Malkames
A Holy Terror 1931 George O'Brien
The Lady Lies 1929 Walter Huston
Captain Celluloid Vs. The Film Pirates 1965 William K. Everson
Ray Faiola Trailers Show III
A Song In The Dark-Excerpts From Early Sound Musicals presented by Richard Barrios
A Tribute To Art Clokey

In 35MM:

Gentlemen Of Polish 1933 Shaw & Lee
East Side West Side 1927 George O'Brien
The Iron Mule 1925 Al St. John and Buster Keaton
Thanks Again 1931 Edgar Kennedy
Pleasure Before Business 1927 Max Davidson
The Grasp Of Greed 1916 Louise Lovely & Lon Chaney
Roaring Rails 1924 Harry Carey

Vintage Advertising - Motion Picture Herald 04/18/1931

Evelyn Brent and others - Picture Show magazine 1922