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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warner Bros. Bloopers Featuring Kay Francis and Many Others

Warner Brothers "Break Downs" and "Blow Ups" 1936-1947 at Internet archive.  A who's who of Warner Bros. contract players are featured in the studio's annual blooper and outtake reels available at Internet Archive. The footage at Internet Archive is public domain, free and legal to download. The description from Internet Archive states that "These are most of the surviving Blooper reels produced by The Warner Club an organisation comprising Warner Bros Stars and Crew. These reels were produced most years and shown at their annual dinner to poke fun at the mistakes that had been made during that year's productions."

A sample of the Warner Bros. "BREAKDOWNS OF' blooper and outtake reels are also available below, courtesy of nicoley132 and YouTube.

The Warner Bros. blooper reel, BREAKDOWNS OF 1935. Personalities include Kay Francis, Warren William, James Cagney, Rudy Vallee, Allen Jenkins, Hugh Herbert, George Brent, Glenda Farrell, Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien, Busby Berkeley, and others. The Kay Francis blooper begins at 6:56.

The Warner Bros. blooper reel, BREAKDOWNS OF 1936, courtesy of nicoley132. Blooper footage of Kay Francis, Barton MacLane, Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Claude Rains, Claire Dodd, James Dunn, Joe R. Brown, Allen Jenkins, James Cagney, Ricardo Cortez, Warren William, Pat O'Brien, Ann Dvorak, Paul Muni, Ross Alexander, Victor Jory, Leslie Howard, Ian Hunter, Paul Lukas, and others. The first of three Kay Francis outtakes begin at 8:26.

The Warner Bros. blooper reel, BREAKDOWNS OF 1937, courtesy of nicoley132. Reel includes blooper footage of Kay Francis, Hugh Herbert, Errol Flynn, Ricardo Cortez, Dick Powell, Boris Karloff, Pat O'Brien, Edgar Kennedy, Allen Jenkins, Patsy Kelly,  Humphrey Bogart, Barton MacLane, Glenda Farrell, Claude Rains, and others. The Kay Francis footage begins at 0:53.

The Warner Bros. blooper reel, BREAKDOWNS OF 1938, courtesy of nicoley132. Footage includes outtakes of Kay Francis, Basil Rathbone, Hugh Herbert, Carole Lombard, Pat O'Brien, Paul Muni, Claude Rains, Ian Hunter, Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Paul Kelly, Bette Davis, and others. The first of four Kay Francis outtakes begins at 2:56.

The Warner Bros. blooper reel , BREAKDOWNS OF 1939, courtesy of nicoley132. Outtakes include footage of Kay Francis, Glenda Farrell, Joan Blondell, Pat O'Brien, Bette Davis, Anna Mae Wong, John Garfield, Errol Flynn, William Gargan, Humphrey Bogart, and others. The Kay Francis blooper footage is at 7:21 in part 1, and 0:01 and 6:55 of part 2.

More rare footage and bloopers can be found here at the Kay Francis Website.

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Blogger Daniel Kasman said...

These are amazing, thank you for posting these!

11:52 AM  
Blogger jtk said...

Hi Daniel,

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed them. I sure do get a kick out of watching them.


10:24 PM  

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