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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rare Film Alert - Border River 1919 with Evelyn Brent

Many thanks to Ben Model for providing the excellent score and allowing us the opportunity to view the very rare short film Border River. This film was one of several shorts produced in Augusta, Maine in 1919 by the obscure Edgar Jones Production Co. The film was described by a local newspaper as a "Northwoods Drama" and runs about two reels in length. This outdoor adventure stars Edgar Jones, Ben Hendricks Jr. and a young Evelyn Brent. This print is the only readily available source (a 35mm print exists at LoC) to see Brent in a substantial early career role (she had a bit in Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman 1917 [Grapevine Video]) until her appearance in Trapped by the Mormons 1922 (Grapevine Video). An added bonus for Old Time Radio fans is the chance to see Carleton Brickert in a main role. IMDB's current entry for Border River can now be updated, edited and expanded.

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