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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alphabet Meme

Its been awhile since my last post, so being tagged to participate in an an alphabet meme of favorite films by Jonas at All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!  gives me a chance to get back into the swing of things.

Meme originated at Blog Cabins: Movie Reviews and Commentary.

In keeping with the spirit of the blog, entries will be late silent to 1934.

A - ATALANTE,  L' 1934 – One of the great films. 

B - BOMBSHELL 1933 – Tough decision with Broadway 1929 and The Bat Whispers 1930. My favorite Lee Tracy performance.

C - CARDBOARD LOVER, THE 1928 - Marion Davies at her funniest in this delightful comedy.

D - DIPLOMANIACS 1933 – Oompah!

E - EVE’S LEAVES 1926 – Leatrice Joy shines in this clever comedy about an inexperienced girl learning about love.

F - FOLLOW THRU 1930 – Fun, early TC musical with a great cast.

G - GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 - Classic pre-code.

H - HAPPY DAYS 1930 –See and Hear the impressive singing and dancing talents of Frank Richardson, Marjorie White, Ann Pennington, and Tom Patricola.

I - IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT 1934 – The last stop for those who prefer Capra’s pre-code, pre-corn work.  

J - JEWELL ROBBERY 1932 – Lubitsch–like, with Kay Francis and William Powell.

K - KING OF JAZZ, THE 1930 –Stylish, innovative, and technically advanced early talkie revue.

L - LONESOME 1928 – Moving film about two love starved people who find each other. Directed by Pal Fejos 

M - MY BEST GIRL 1927 – Social class opposites attract.

N - NIGHT NURSE 1931 – Sadistic bad guy Gable gets it in the end from nurse Stanwyck.

O - OVER THE HILL 1931 – Poignant slice of life well directed by the underappreciated Henry King.  

P - PEACH O'RENO 1932 – Bert Wheeler gives a great comedic cross-dress performance.

R - ROMOLA 1925 - William Powell in tights.

S - SO THIS IS AFRICA 1933 – Wheeler and Woolsey lighten up the Dark Continent.

T - TROUBLE IN PARADISE 1932 – Ahhh, Lubitsch. Perhaps his best…and that’s saying something.

U -UNHOLY NIGHT, THE 1929 – Stagy, static, and uncinematic , but fun for a dawn of sound film fanatic.

V - VAMPYR - DER TRAUM DES ALLAN GREY 1932 – Dreyer’s classic vampire film.

W - WERE RICH AGAIN 1934 – Charming early screwball comedy.

X - X MARKS THE SPOT 1931 – Obscure Tiffany production with an interesting cast.

Y - YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL 1932 – Starring funny man Joe E. Brown and a pre-coy Ginger Rogers.

Z - ZANDER THE GREAT 1925 –Marion Davies does Mary Pickford.

I'm not good at tagging, so if anyone wants to participate, consider yourself tagged by me.