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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cinema Poster Art - Buster Keaton

Cinema Poster Art - Wife Tamers 1926

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Legendary Lost Film Found?

Post on The Horror Horror Movie Message Board regarding the possibility that a print of London After Midnight may yet exist.

Reaction from around the web:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Capitolfest 2008

Capitolfest 2008!

From The Capitol Theatre website:

"A vacation—not a marathon! The Capitol Theatre is celebrating its 80th birthday by showcasing movies originally screened at the Capitol during the first six years of operation (1928-1934). Capitolfest 2008 will feature silent and early talking films in 35mm archival prints from around country. Capitolfest 6's films include "Tess of the Storm Country", "Fast Companions", "Double Door", and "Romance of the Underworld". All silent films include professional organ accompaniment on the Capitol's original installation Möller theater organ!

Join your fellow movie buffs for a fun and friendly unique film experience where your favorite classic movies are shown as they were meant to be seen—and heard!"

Among the Films Scheduled to be shown will be Let's Go Native with Kay Francis, Jeanette MacDonald, and Jack Oakie.

Kay Francis with James Hall and Jeanette MacDonald.

2008 Thelma Todd Celebration

The 2008 Thelma Todd Celebration will be held July 26 and 27 in Manchester, N.H.
For more info

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Evelyn Brent by Charles Sheldon

October 1928 Photoplay cover featuring Evelyn Brent by Charles Sheldon.

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When the Folks High-Up Do That Mean Low Down

Short trailer (perhaps for the re-release) for Reaching for the Moon
courtesy of perfectjazz78

Irving Berlin's When the Folks High-Up Do That Mean Low Down, featuring Bebe Daniels, Bing Crosby, and, all too briefly, June MacCloy.
courtesy of perfectjazz78

Lenox Avenue is known
For doing the low down
But you'll find they're not alone
In doing the low down
Fifth Avenue's learning how
They had to fall
Fifth Avenue does it now
But that's not all

Whenever the folks high-up do that mean low down
There is no low down lower than that

Whenever the swells slow down and become low down
There is no low down lower than that

You may believe it or not
When they start getting hot
There is no Hottentot
That's hotter than that

So you can lay your dough down when they go low down
There is no low down lower than that

courtesy of lyrics.time

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