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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Assorted Beauty

All photos courtesy of World of Silent Movies Web Site.

Evelyn Brent

Anita Page

Joan Crawford

Marion Davies

Dorothy Mackaill

Jean Arthur

Alice Joyce

Jean Arthur

Madge Evans

Evelyn Brent

Louise Brooks

Merna Kennedy

Mary Nolan

Lina Basquette

Thelma Todd

Jean Harlow

The Hunks

John Gilbert by Ruth Harriet Louise

Robert Montgomery

Gary Cooper by CS Bull

Cary Grant by Robert Coburn

Joel McCrea by Ernest Bachrach

Johny Weissmuller by Cecil Beaton

Richard Arlen

Valentino by Donald Biddle Keyes

Clak Gable by Hurrell

Ramon Novarro by Hurrell

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Directors

Joseph Von Sternberg by Laszlo Willinger

Sergei Eisenstein by Germaine Krull

Erich Von Stroheim by Roger Corbeau

Jean Cocteau by Man Ray

Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong by Carl Van Vechten

Anna May Wong by Carl Van Vechten

by Herbert Mitchell

Any help in identifying the item on Anna May's arm
in the first photograph would be appreciated.

Thanks to MichaelE for the images.

The Comedians

Chaplin by James Abbe

Chaplin by James Abbe

Buster Keaton by Cecil Beaton

Harold Lloyd by James Abbe

Laurel and Hardy by James Abbe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why Be Good? (1929) Trailer

From original YouTube poster stjn01: "(Not original sound on this clip) Extremely rare trailer from the 1929 First National Pictures release Why Be Good, starring Colleen Moore. This movie was long concidered lost. Recently a nitrate print was found and this movie is now awaiting funding to be restored by the UCLA"

Guess the Film

This is kind of a trick question, so I'll post plenty of hints.

MichaelE is correct, It's the never completed
Stepdaughters of War fragment from
The House That Shadows Built (1931).

For more info on Stepdaughters of War, check out
GD Hamann's blog search.

Hint #1 The year of production is 1931
Hint #2 Starring Ruth Chatterton
Hint #3 Directed by Dorothy Arzner
Hint #4 It's not Sarah and Son
Hint #5 The 1930 Broadway play featuring Katherine Alexander ran for 24 performances.
The play's cast also included Warren William.
Hint #6 Based on a Helen Zenna Smith novel.