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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Deco Lady Evolution


Blogger M said...

I've always loved that New Yorker cover. And that Kay Francis article in the Bright Lights was one of the things that prompted me to write that post about how biographers are only interested in defining a star by the amount of scandals they've been in and the mistakes they've made. In the end, I still didn't know much about her.

8:43 AM  
Blogger jtk said...

I forgot to credit the Harper's Bazar cover to Erte, and the Paris - Lyon - Mediterranee poster to Roger Broders. I don't know who did the New Yorker cover, though.
The Bright Lights article failed to mention Kay's tireless charity work during WW2, although it did mention that she left the bulk of her considerable estate to charity. It also mentions the possibly apocryphal story ("I'm not a star, I'm a woman"), told by her friend Andy Lawler, which if he did say it, would seem a truly classless thing to do. As they say, with friends like that.

2:14 PM  

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