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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lost and Found: On With the Show and Gold Diggers of Broadway

.........Although this newly discovered footage for both films is quite brief (only a few minutes each), this represents the first time that ON WITH THE SHOW can be glimpsed in it's original Technicolor hues since it's 1929 release. The footage consists of a bit of backstage action as Sam Hardy prepares to understudy as a butler in "The Phantom Sweetheart," and a portion of The Fairbanks Twins in a novelty dance routine.
The footage from GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY comes late in the film, just prior to the finale, in which Winnie Lightner confesses to Albert Gran that she has genuine affection for him, and not just his money. Gran is suitably flustered, and Lightner gleefully announces "Sweetie proposed! Sweetie proposed!"
The footage is in excellent condition, and was discovered just over a month ago. It is believed the film was intended for use in a toy 35mm projector! Funding has been secured, and last I heard, the footage has been turned over to UCLA for preservation and restoration.....

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