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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Vinyl: Stars of the Silver Screen 1929-1932

He's a Good Man to Have Around-Sophie Tucker
My Mother's Eyes-George Jessel
Ramona-Dolores Del Rio
Where is the Song of Songs for Me?-Lupe Velez
Broadway Melody-Charles King
Love-Gloria Swanson
Louise-Maurice Chevalier
He's So Unusual-Helen Kane
Your Always In My Arms-Bebe Daniels
What Wouldn't I Do For That Man-Helen Morgan
Dream Lover-Jeanette MacDonald
I'm Following You-The Duncan Sisters
Cooking Breakfast For The One I love-Fanny Brice
Nichavo! -Dennis King
It Happened In Monterey-John Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Sippi-Everett Marshall


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